2016 Thank You Letters

Subject: RE: St. Vincent’s Special Needs Holiday/Staff Party

Hi Scott-

Yes, thank you so very much. I received the check the Saturday before the party. I cashed the check and sent the money into the Mom that was coordinating the event this year. Kristy Bouffard. The contributions of the parents, along with donations from Biometrics, Nu Motion and most importantly the Umbrella Club, really helped us to ensure there was a good number of raffle prizes and enough food for the entire staff. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend this year’s party due to work obligations, so I have been trying to obtain some pictures to share with you but have been somewhat unsuccessful. St. Vincent’s did post a thank you and a few pictures on their Facebook page. I have included a link below. If you are unable to access the link please let me know and I will copy and paste the pictures into email for you.

I did speak with some of the staff the following day and some of the parent volunteers. The staff was extremely grateful and full of thanks. They are such an amazing group. Every member of the staff at St. Vincent’s gives and gives and gives to our children and families on a daily basis. As a group they are modest, open-hearted, good natured, sympathetic and humble, despite whatever hardship of their own they are facing. They do not expect thanks from us but they are very appreciative when we do recognize and thank them for their hard work and dedication, which is why we (the parents) find this event so important.

I can’t thank you enough for your support and the Umbrella Clubs continued endorsement of St. Vincent’s, the staff and the families. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know that we have the support of such a wonderful group of individuals within the Umbrella Club organization. On behalf of the parents of St. Vincent’s students, please extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire Club for contributing to the success of this year’s event.


Dear Umbrella.org:

My husband and I are writing to profoundly thank you for the grant of $5000 you gave us, to help take care of the medical needs for our son Sam who suffered several strokes in 2007. We have been most fortunate that we live in a town where they place value on providing good care for those children who need support, but Weston is not equipped to do it alone.

Your organization is a Godsend for families like ours that need extra help to care for their children. While we cannot predict Sam’s future, we know that with the support of our extended community, it is very bright. We could not have gotten through these years without others lifting us up.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and the brightest of New Years!

All our appreciation,

Hildy and Louis Parks