A quiet helping hand can make a life changing difference.

The Umbrella Club Mission

Compassion and support for community families and children in need where our help can make a difference.

The members of The Umbrella Club understand that a quiet helping hand can make a life changing difference for those in need.

Meet the Umbrella Club

The Umbrella Club began very innocently over forty years ago when a group of friends wanted to help out a friend in need. This simple thought of “helping a friend” led to a $2,500 gift and grew into the club giving over $200,000 a year to organizations, families and especially children who are in need of a special friend like The Umbrella Club.

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Endless Summer
on the Sound

Sunday, September 12th, 2021

Woodway Beach Club, Stamford, CT

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Donate to Umbrella Club now, and support families and children who would have otherwise slipped though the social services net, which for various reasons, was unable to provide assistance.


Over 40 Years of Hope

Endless Summer on the Sound

September 12th, 2021
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