Legacy Club

The Test of Time

Throughout the years the Umbrella Club has had many members, friends and supporters who have distinguished themselves by their extraordinary contributions to our mission of helping children and families in need. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and have created a special place in our History by recognizing them as members of our “Legacy Club”. Limited to a select group who have made a significant capital gift of $100,000 to the Club, we honor and thank them for their commitment to our past, present and future endeavors.

Founding & Charter Members

The Cingari Family Foundation

Rocky Cingari

Founding Member

Rocky was a Lifetime Member whose leadership and dedication inspired the Club to reach new heights in raising funds for our mission. He was responsible for creating and starting our third annual fundraising event which enabled us to fulfill substantial financial pledges to the Yale Pediatric Eye Care Center, a life work of Rocky’s; Stamford Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department and the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Due to Rocky’s tireless efforts, the Club achieved a new level of financial commitment to organizations that provide vital health and educational services to children and families in need.

The Godina Family Fund

Lee Godina

Charter Member

Lee has been a long time friend and active supporter of all the Club’s activities and events. Through his longtime friendship with several of our members and his affiliation with the Italian Center Men’s Club, Lee adopted our mission as part of his mission to help those in need.

Major Gifts

You can also become a member of the Legacy Club by making a Major Gift of $10,000 and above. The Umbrella Club will then search for a Special Project and or Family where your gift will be specially recognized alongside the Umbrella Club. Your gift can be made either on a one time basis or as frequently as you would like.

Michael & Vanessa Fedele Family Foundation

Michael & Vanessa Fedele

Michael & Vanessa Fedele donated a Major Gift to the Club in 2021. We are so delighted to have them as members of the Legacy Club and look forward to working with them directly in helping more families and children in need. Thank you so much for your generosity.

First County Bank Foundation

The First County Bank Foundation and First County Bank donated a Major Gift to the Club in 2022. We have had a long-standing community partnership with the First County Bank and their Foundation. Their generosity and willingness to always be part of our mission, which they share through their own extensive community charitable giving, is most appreciated and we look forward to continuing our work together in helping families and children in need. Thank you very much First County Bank and Foundation.


For further information about becoming a member of the Legacy Club, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you directly.