Our Story

We are a local community-based charity that really cares and our actions speak for themselves. Our membership is purposely limited to 50 guys. We’re just 50 guys from all different walks of life who volunteer their time and services to raise all the money, run all the events, and find all the recipients. By doing it all ourselves, 90% of every revenue dollar we raise goes to Programs- a rare feat that not many other charities can claim. We respect human dignity and understand that a quiet helping hand can make all the difference in the world.

We are not a one-and-done organization. We are here for you and will be here for you. If you need our help again, you're always welcome back."

The local business community has embraced our mission for the past several years. Now we are expanding our fundraising efforts with the creation of the Legacy Club, which expands our reach to Charities, Foundations / Trusts, Family Offices, Corporate Charitable Giving, etc. so we can give even more to local families. It stays here where we live and work.