Major Gifts

You can contribute to the Umbrella Club in a meaningful way by making a major gift of $10,000 and above. Our Good & Welfare Committee will then work with you directly to find a family or special project where you will be recognized alongside the Umbrella Club.

Michael & Vanessa Fedele Family Foundation

Michael & Vanessa Fedele

Michael & Vanessa Fedele donated a Major Gift to the Club in 2021. We are so delighted to have them as members of the Umbrella Club family and look forward to working with them directly in helping more families and children in need. Thank you so much for your generosity.

First County Bank Foundation

The First County Bank Foundation and First County Bank donated Major Gifts to the Club in 2022 & 2023. We have had a long-standing community partnership with the First County Bank and their Foundation. Their generosity and willingness to always be part of our mission, which they share through their own extensive community charitable giving, is most appreciated and we look forward to continuing our work together in helping families and children in need. Thank you very much First County Bank and Foundation.

Rotary Club of Stamford

The Rotary Club of Stamford donated a Major Gift to the Club in 2022. As a leading service club in Stamford, The Rotary Club of Stamford promotes and helps build communities through education, philanthropy and fellowship. Their Humanitarian efforts reach from across the street to all corners of the world. Each year, they perform many local projects as well as international service projects. They are a committed group of business and professional individuals who come together for fellowship, and service. They share a common desire to improve our community. Thank you very much Rotary Club of Stamford for your generous donation.

General Reinsurance

GenRe donated a Major Gift to the Club in 2023. Gen Re makes charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations involved with social services and culture. GenRe has been a frequent sponsor of the Umbrella Club’s fundraising events over the years and we thank them for their wonderful generosity and support with this Major Gift.

City of Norwalk – Community Services Department

This Major Gift of $10,000 is the Umbrella Club’s first government sponsored grant. The City of Norwalk Community Resource Hub helps Norwalk residents in need identify, understand, and navigate available support services and resources. The Umbrella Club will use this grant to directly help five Norwalk families. Thank you very much City of Norwalk – Community Services Department for awarding us this Grant to help families and children in need.


OdysseyRe has donated major gifts to the Umbrella Club over the past several years. In 2023, they donated another Major Gift of $10,000. The OdysseyRe Group Foundation is a private foundation based in Stamford, CT. The foundation made 39 grants last year, and its grantees include Stamford Health System Inc. The foundation is supported by Odyssey Group Holdings, Inc. Thank you very much OdysseyRe for your continued generosity and the wonderful partner you have been to the Umbrella Club.

osaic logo

Osaic Foundation

When people think about charity, they think about giving money or time. But it’s more than that. It’s about what that money does—and what that time spent leads to. It’s about relationships and community. And impact.

The Osaic Foundation brings together all the ways financial professionals, institution programs, and employees—give back with intention in communities.

“You have to lead with a servant’s heart. Servant leaders are who we are, and though being active in charities and charitable activities isn’t new, we now aspire to something bigger”, said Lon Dolber, Osaic Foundation Chairman / Osaic Vice Chair.

The Osaic Foundation brings together the causes that are important to prioritize where we can have the most meaningful impact and make our communities—and relationships—even stronger. Thank you, Osaic Foundation for your generosity in recognizing our Lifetime Member, Dino Querze of Querze Wealth Management with this generous gift to the Umbrella Club.

For further information about making a major gift, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you shortly.