Helping Families and Children in Need

The Umbrella Club strives to find families and children in need who have been passed over by other more traditional organizations. We know what a contribution can mean in changing the lives of others. To qualify as a candidate, the potential recipient must meet certain criteria and complete an application. Our Good and Welfare Committee reviews the eligibility and needs of each candidate and eligibility is then determined.

Some of the criteria a potential recipient must meet are the following:

  • Legal Resident of Fairfield County, Connecticut
  • Identifiable need(s) that have gone unrecognized by other organizations
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional concerns that are not being properly treated by other agencies organizations

We welcome nominations from a variety of sources: Hospitals, Social Workers, Educational Systems, Religious Organization, Corporations and recommendations by our members.

Potential Recipient Application:

*All fields are required to be completed, if not applicable please enter n/a

Submit Via Email

If you, or someone you know, are in need of assistance, please feel free to submit a recipient nomination by emailing us with your story and needs.

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